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Table of Contents

Welcome to a Table of Contents for Snailworks, aka liming.org.

Aviation Build Logs

Flight Simulator (coming soon)

Micro Controller Based Build Logs

NAS Server Build Log (Raspberry Pi)

Shop Dust Gauge1 (Arduino)

Book Scanner Project (Raspberry Pi)

Digital Router Lift1 (Arduino)

3D Printing (Arduino/Raspberry Pi)

Add Sound To Your Project (Various)

Woodworking Build Logs

Orrery Build Log2

Binocular Viewing Chair3

Digital Height Gauge1

Dust Collection Log

Flip Top Tool Stand

Router Games (Table)

(coming soon)

1 - Appeared as an article in Digital Machinst Magazine

2 - Selected as a Vectric Aspire Case Study

3 - Shown in Norm Bulter's Building and Using Binoscopes, Springer 2014

("in progess" means the pages are being modified, so you may need to refresh your browser)

Comments may be directed to the webmaster using gary at liming daught org.

About Snailworks...

I like to build things. "www.liming.org", aka Snailworks, is the main domain name for a series of websites, mostly build logs of projects I've done, but which can serve other interests as well. "Snailworks" is a name that has just grown over the years for this enterprise. This is a page listing the build logs so far.

There are no commercials, no obligations sought after, no pop-up ads, just information sharing to like minded people.

You may direct comments to the webmaster using gary at liming daught org as the email address

The name Snailworks came about due to a couple of friends who have hangars near my own at a local airport. One of them, George Andre, was a test pilot for Lockheed (on the SR-71, among others!) and one day he painted the famous "Skunkworks" logo on his hangar door, shown in Figure 1. Not to be outdone, another friend whose hangar is on the same row, Rudy Haug, who was a test pilot for McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) painted the logo for "Phantomworks" on his door, shown in Figure 2. (Also in Figure 1 is sign for an airplane logo above his door that I did for him on my CNC machine, listed below.)

Fig. 2

Anyway, not too long after that, considering the pace of my work, the timeframe that some of my projects take, and my hubris to even think I might be on the same row as these guys, I came up with a response for my hangar door, and that was Snailworks, shown in Figure 3.

Fig. 3