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Introduction and Purpose

This is a web-based Log Book for building my first airplane, a Zenith Aircraft CH801, registration number N1776G.  The 801 kit is a Short Take Off and Landing aircraft (STOL) which means that it has a slow stall speed and can take off and land in very short distances.

Although there are several choices for engines, I chose a Lycoming O-360 clone, the Superior XP-360.  This log is primarily meant to record my building experience for later reference and to share it with other builders, like many of them are doing for me. For some of their logbooks, see the builder pages on the Zenith Aircraft webpage. Each section of the build has its own set of pages shown on th emenu on the left of each page.

As you will see, this project started in November of 2000 and First Flight was November, 2005. When I started, digital cameras were somewhat new and I used a Sony Mavica that used 3.5 inch diskettes as "film" and its resolution was not so great like cameras are today. Please forgive the lower quaility pictures provided in some cases. Web logs like this were relatively new then and we were all just kind of feeling our way along.

Downwind for 34 at 1h0 in N1776G

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Vistor Map


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