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Base Station

The base station is where the pilot or operator is at. Initially, it will consist of an R/C transmitter for the usual throttle, rudder, elevator, and aileron control. It may additionally include a laptop computer to recieve digital info, and a type of monitor for receiving video direct from the platform.

This is the R/C transmitter we'll be using, the Spektrum DX6i. Note the rubber antenna - 2.4 GHz means no more long telescoping antennas sticking out. This is mode 2, which means the throttle and rudder (yaw) joystick is on the left, and control of the elevator (pitch) and alierons (roll) is on the right.

The receiver is on the left and will be placed on board the quadcopter, and is shown with a dime for scale. It is a two-part unit which helps improve range, and its output, which normally goes to servos, goes into the FC and the FC then controls the motors.

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