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Link Belt Replacement

Fig. 1

November, 2011. One of the first things I did was to replace the 1/2" regular vee belts (26 inch belt on the motor, 30 inch on the quill) with some link belts (Harbor Freight #43771). These things, aka Fenner belts, have made a big difference on every other belt driven tool I have, and others have commented on how much they reduce vibration. The problem with the regular vee belts is that they will take a set in them when the machine is turned off for long periods of time. You can see this for yourself when you take the belt off and it retains the shape it was in when mounted on the pulleys. This set causes vibration when the machine is turned on. Link belts were created to mitigate this.

In the picture above, the one on the right is slightly darker and was left over from another project. It comes in 5 ft lengths, so you usually have some left over, and the links make adjusting the length you need a snap.

Fig. 2

Above are the belts in place and they provide a smooth running quill. I'll have to wait and see how well they grip while doing some aggressive cutting.